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    OBIEE/OBIA in Cloud with EBS R12.1.3



      OBIEE/OBIA in Cloud.


      Our organization is planning to go with BI Clod for OBIEE/OBIA and here are some of my queries on this..

        1. Any documents/links/note for the Integration of BI Cloud with EBS R12.1.3 (source).

      1. 2. What are the methods to load the data from EBS to BI Cloud : Any docs/tutorial on this.
      2. 3. What are the recommended architect model for the BI Clod; can we use the Hybrid model? I mean all the components of BI should be in clod or BI database will be in our on premise (in our datacenter) and OBIEE/OBIA in cloud.


      Greatly appreciate your help on this.