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    [ Solaris 10 ] unconfiguring emulex fc-fabric




      I am trying to unconfigure 2 fc-fabrics and so first of all I am offlining every lun lun by luxadm


      luxadm -e offline <lun>


      after cleaning the devices ( devfsadm -Cc disk ), I execute:


      # cfgadm -c configure c1 c3


      getting the following error:


      cfgadm: Library error: remove operation failed: /devices/pci@340/pci@1/pci@0/pci@6/SUNW,emlxs@0/fp@0,0/ssd@w5000097408452d18,b: I/O error

      Operation partially successful. Some failures seen


      As result the fc-fabric /dev/cfg/c1 don't get unconfigured and only a reboot solves the issue.


      What could be wrong ? Is it a bug ?


      Best Regards