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    Column alias not displaying when connecting to MySQL


      Hey, this is related to: Column alias not displaying when connecting to MySQL


      select col_name AS col_alias from table;

      Result stays col_name, also without the AS or with AS "col_alias"


      I tested with native and phpmyadmin, both are working fine.


      Developer Version:

      java: 1.8.0_74

      jdbc driver: mysql-connector-java-5.1.38-bin.jar



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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          Whether or not the column alias is ignored seems to depend on a number of things...


          1. The version of the MySQL JDBC driver. A old bug logged against Netbeans noted the problem for 5.1.5 but not 5.0.7.  For reference:



              MySQL Bugs: #21596: column aliases ignored in ResultSetMetaData


          2. Whether the column is just a column, or used in an expression.  Using MySQL 5.7 with the 5.1.27 driver against SQL Developer 4.1.3

              This works:     select trim(district) as Zone from city;

                           or:     select district||'' as Zone from city;


                    but not:     select district  as Zone from city;


          3. The responder in the other discussion looks to have been using an Oracle gateway, not the MySQL driver, so I doubt that's meaningful to us.


          So one could suspect SQL Developer needs the same fix as the Netbeans folks made, specifying getColumnLabel instead of getColumnName, but I haven't time to research that.  Moreover, if this ability is not needed to support migration from MySQL to Oracle, any bug would likely be low priority.