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    Clear Logs


      Hi ALL,


      EBS R12.2.4





      I have large 50Gb size accumulated logs under > /home/appprod/PROD/fs1/FMW_Home/user_projects/domains/EBS_domain_PROD/servers/oacore_server1/logs

      oacore_server1.log00001              oacore_server1.out00037  oacore_server1.out00120  oacore_server1.out00203

      oacore_server1.log00002              oacore_server1.out00038  oacore_server1.out00121  oacore_server1.out00204

      oacore_server1.log00003              oacore_server1.out00039  oacore_server1.out00122  oacore_server1.out00205

      oacore_server1.log00004              oacore_server1.out00040  oacore_server1.out00123  oacore_server1.out00206

      oacore_server1.log00005              oacore_server1.out00041  oacore_server1.out00124  oacore_server1.out00207

      oacore_server1.log00006              oacore_server1.out00042  oacore_server1.out00125  oacore_server1.out00208

      oacore_server1.log00007              oacore_server1.out00043  oacore_server1.out00126  oacore_server1.out00209

      oacore_server1.log00008              oacore_server1.out00044  oacore_server1.out00127  oacore_server1.out00210

      oacore_server1.log00009              oacore_server1.out00045  oacore_server1.out00128  oacore_server1.out00211

      oacore_server1.log00010              oacore_server1.out00046  oacore_server1.out00129  oacore_server1.out00212

      oacore_server1.log00011              oacore_server1.out00047  oacore_server1.out00130  oacore_server1.out00213

      oacore_server1.log00012              oacore_server1.out00048  oacore_server1.out00131  oacore_server1.out00214

      oacore_server1.log00013              oacore_server1.out00049  oacore_server1.out00132  oacore_server1.out00215

      oacore_server1.log00014              oacore_server1.out00050  oacore_server1.out00133  oacore_server1.out00216

      oacore_server1.log00015              oacore_server1.out00051  oacore_server1.out00134  oacore_server1.out00217

      oacore_server1.log00016              oacore_server1.out00052  oacore_server1.out00135  oacore_server1.out00218

      oacore_server1.log00017              oacore_server1.out00053  oacore_server1.out00136  oacore_server1.out00219

      oacore_server1.log00018              oacore_server1.out00054  oacore_server1.out00137  oacore_server1.out00220

      oacore_server1.log00019              oacore_server1.out00055  oacore_server1.out00138  oacore_server1.out00221

      oacore_server1.log00020              oacore_server1.out00056  oacore_server1.out00139  oacore_server1.out00222

      oacore_server1.log00021              oacore_server1.out00057  oacore_server1.out00140  oacore_server1.out00223

      oacore_server1.log00022              oacore_server1.out00058  oacore_server1.out00141  oacore_server1.out00224

      oacore_server1.log00023              oacore_server1.out00059  oacore_server1.out00142  oacore_server1.out00225

      oacore_server1.log00024              oacore_server1.out00060  oacore_server1.out00143  oacore_server1.out00226

      oacore_server1.log00025              oacore_server1.out00061  oacore_server1.out00144  oacore_server1.out00227

      oacore_server1.log00026              oacore_server1.out00062  oacore_server1.out00145  oacore_server1.out00228

      oacore_server1.log00027              oacore_server1.out00063  oacore_server1.out00146  oacore_server1.out00229



      Is it okay to clear or clean or delete these logs?



      Kind regards,

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          Yes, you can delete them, weblogic won't care. However, you may want to keep a copy of them somewhere else if your company has a log retention policy that states that logs have to be kept for a certain amount of time.

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            Well  no one knows here or cares about weblogic logs either


            Is there a concurrent program that can be scheduled to purge weblogic logs? Just like the Purge Concurrent Managers Logs/Reports?


            I also want to send this logs to SR oracle support but it is  big a zip file



            Is the above error related to weblogic service error?


            Kind regards,

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              You can configure log rotation in weblogic console and specify how many rotated logs to keep and once the rotated logs go over that number, they get deleted.

              As for your SR, if I remember correctly, there is a size limit of the files you can upload. If you have very large files, you need to let the support person know and they will give you an ftp location to put those large files.

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                Narsi M-Oracle

                Hello Jenna,


                I don't believe there is any specific program to purge Weblogic Logs.

                I would advise you to set up/schedule a cronjob on a regular basis to purge old logs.


                Hope this helps!!!





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                  Pravin Takpire

                  Along the cronjob to delete the files, I would suggest you put some mechanism where it will send you email regarding file systems size, free space etc, so that you can take action in time



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                    Thanks ALL


                    Aside from weblogic logs, what other  large folder/logs does EBS have? So I can clean them up regularly.



                    Kind regards,