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    Unarchive Catalog File

    Dennis Hancy

      I have a backup copy of the "prompts.catalog" file that is stored locally.  I am trying to restore it to my Dev environment.


      Here is what I attempted to do and the results:


      - Click on Shared Folders

      - Click on Unachive under Task in the lower left hand corner

      - Navigate to my local copy of the catalog file

      - Select "All" for the replace option

      - Select "Preserve" for the ACL option


      I then get this message:


      "Target path not found (<path name> in shortcut (<shortcut>)"



      I am guessing that maybe it's trying to replace the shortcut before it replaces the "thing" that this is a shortcut to.


      But that is definitely just a guess.


      Any ideas what is going on?  Or what I can do to resolve this?


      Thanks in advance!