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    Concerns about SECTION-20 & SECTION-26 of report generated by ADZDDBCC.sql



      Hi experts
      We are referring 11i to R12.2 upgrade guide and have applied online patching enablement patch and now at the step 13 on page 4-9 and have run the script "online patching database compliance checker report" ADZDDBCC.sql and have doubts about below sections.


      SECTION-20 => "Table must have an editioning view." => It has 79 rows from schemas like AR, CS, IGC , JA & JMF
      SECTION-26 => "Query/DML statements must access tables via the APPS table synonym." => It has 26560 objects mostly from custom schemas.




      1) How we can fix the objects in SECTION 20. do we have to just run "ad_zd_table.upgrade" process for all the tables including SEEDED tables under SECTION-20 ?

      2) Concerns about SECTION 26

           a) what is the impact if our custom schemas don't access seeded table via APPS synonym? What if continue access seeded tables directly from custom schemas?

           b) How that will affect online patching?

           c) Will it invalidate those custom objects which are refereeing patched seeded table in a given ADOP cycle ?

           d) Will we have to compile these custom objects post every cycle of online patching ?

           e) The reason being, there are around 26-27K custom objects under SECTION-26 and those are managed by third party vendor. We don't want to go to the third party for making changes in these objects as efforts involved are more and would further delay the overall process.




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          Did you notice any issues in the Online Patching Enablement Status Report output?

          For the items in SECTION-20, you can run the mentioned procedure for the relevant tables and rerun the compliance script to verify.


          Regarding SECTION-26, are these objects referencing seeded tables or their editioning views?

          a) You will face the error "ORA-38818: illegal reference to editioned object" when accessing editioned objects using non-editioned ones.

          b) It will invalidate your custom objects.

          c) Yes.

          d) Yes.

          e) How are they accessed in the first place?! If you have private synonyms pointing to the EBS base tables then simply replace them with ones that reference the apps synonyms or editioning views.