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    How to enable currency field in Requisition


      Hi All


      Currently in our environmnet currency field is populated with functional currency and can not be editable and we have a requirement to raise PR in foreign currency, can some one guide me  what steps needs to be followed

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          Syed Mustafa Arshad



          Its standard behavior that at Requisition Header amount would only be displayed in Functional Currency which is logical as PR is Internal Document. But at line level you can enter foreign currency in Currency Tab.


          We catered this requirement using personalization. In our case we had requirement for Amount to be displayed from BDT to USD only. So let me know if you need help with this personalization.


          For Your Reference:

          This has already been taken up as an Enhancement request.ER number is " Bug 8468715 : NOT ABLE TO CHANGE CURRENCY CODE FROM REQUISITION HEADER"



          Syed Mustafa Arshad