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    Schedule & define several batches


      Hello together,


      I want to schedule the transport from Essbase (via Open Interface/FDMEE) to an HFM application.


      The manually transport in FDMEE - press the button Import, Validate & Export- is going well.

      For the Import I have a script bfimpot.py, where the values will be prepared for the Open interface table.


      My Version of FDMEE:


      Now I want to schedule this manually step by a Batch.


      But as you now, it didn't work as I want.
      One problem is that I didn't understand the context of Batch definition, batch jobs and batch groups.

      The second problem is the scheduling where I have two different batches and all have the same scheduling time.


      Additional Info:

      I have 12 month of a year and for each I have the same location & the same rule.

      I want that every month will be updated in the HFM application.

      But one month has to be loaded after the other an could not load parallel because of the bfimport.py script.


      Is there a way to schedule the FDMEE interface? (step by step)


      I have also read the technical reference but it is to generally.


      Thanks for your help



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          After testing I have found a solution.

          You can have trigger only some rules or you load data with a shell batch.


          I decided for the second way.

          Here you will find my way to run a batch:

          1. The Batch has to defined under Data management=> Setup => Batch Definition

          2. Add a Batch with the following attributes:

          3.) The Type has to be a batch at the first "batch".

          4.) Click "Save"

          5.) Now you have the shell of the batch.

          6.) Now you do the same with data batches

          7.) Add a batch job

          8.)Add your parameters for the data batch

          9.) Save

          10.) And now add the data batch to your shell batch

          11.) Save and now you have created a batch with one month loading you can add several month.


          For Execution you has to know how long your shell batch is running so you have to test it.

          After that you can schedule the shell batch.

          1.) under Data management=> Workflow => Batch Execution you find your batch you created. When not just log off & on again in Web Service than you will find it.

          2.) With Execute you can run the batch now. And see the results of the run under "process details".

          3.) With Schedule you can Schedule your task you want.

          The good thing is you can schedule several times to one shell batch but you will never find a overview for all the schedule starting times.

          When you want to run a batch every 4 minutes you have to do a lot of work for it;-)

          4.) With chancel Schedule you chancel all schedules which are on the selected batch (very dangerous when you have different times for scheduling :-) )

          5.) With Check Status you will come to latest run of the batch. it is the same as under process details.

          6.) Now you have triggered your batch and you will find it under "process detail" if the batch is successful.


          When you have further question please contact me.





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            We are looking forward to do a similar kind of data extraction from SQl. Can you share your Before import script so that it would be useful ?