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    Locating elseif/else branches in SQLDeveloper


      Suppose I have a code with a lot of nested if ... elsif ... else ... end if blocks. I know SQLDeveloper provides a feature to see where the block starts and ends (light-blue coloring on the line gutter), but is there a way to tell where are the branches for specific if block? They're impossible to locate using search only, since it requires code analyzing, which is clearly a task for IDE.  It's as useful as bracket matching, though seemingly more complex to implement.


      I have to deal with (and fix) lots of spaghetti PL/SQL code, and sometimes decent code with multiple complex conditions suffers from this too, so this would be rather useful for me and for others like me. If there's currently no such feature, this topic can double as a feature request. The blocks are already analyzed anyway, so it shouldn't be too difficult. It would be perfect if it worked the same way as bracket matching does, highlighting all connected if/elseif/else/endif keywords when the text cursor is placed on either of them.