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    SQLcl - customize sqlformat json?


      I'm playing with right now.


      I try to spool the Output of a query into a json file to process it by another program later.

      at the moment a simple

      select sid, event, seq# from v$session where rownum < 3;

      results in

      {"sid":1,"event":"lreg timer","seq#":5072},{"sid":2,"event":"EMON slave idle wait","seq#":55614}]}]}


      As the program which should process the json is not quite happy, I'd like to ask for some customization possibilities:


      1) obey the SET HEADING Parameter:
           with SET HEADING OFF it would be fine to surpress the full "columns": .... part.

      2) switch between one_JSON_per_resultset and one_JSON_per_row ?


      I'm aware this can be done by quite simple post processing scripts, still maybe it's a simple configuration Parameter as well.