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      Oracle Linux 6.5

      Oracle Database 11gR2(

      Oracle EBSR12.2.4


      The new launch for create accounting got new error. Request ID: 1424550, 1424536


      **Starts**22-MAR-2016 13:04:04 **Ends**22-MAR-2016 13:08:49 An internal error occurred.  Please inform your system administrator or support representative that:  An internal error has occurred in the program xla_ae_lines_pkg.BusinessFlowPriorEntries.  ORA-08103: object no longer exists.




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          I think you should log a bug .. this procedure does all kinds of bulk collects and updates like


          FORALL i IN 1..l_array_balance_type_code.COUNT

                     UPDATE /*+ index(xalg xla_ae_lines_gt_n2) */  xla_ae_lines_gt xalg   -- 6990256


          So if records have changed or got deleted, etc in the meanwhile you may get this error I think. You did not run it twice did you (parallel)?