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    FDM batches for HFM failing at validation step..


      Hi All,


      For some testing purpose i need to load production data to hfm test application.

      I took the data batch files  from production and copied to open batch folder of fdm in test env. and load gets triggered.All the files get imported but fails at validation step. i get a mail alerts for corresponding loctions mentioning something like(i may not be mentioning the exact sentense but information was same as mentioned below) -

      FDM validation has failed. please check HFM process management for the entity. error code=22

      I tried to see error log in fdm web but nothing significant show up there.

      Now when i tried to load the individual files manually thorough the steps import-validate-export, it works fine and loaded without any issue.

      i am confused what is making the loads to fail at validate step through batch load process.

      Please suggest.