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    Installing SQL Developer on Windows (64 bit)


      Hi all,


      Oracle DB :  (x86)

      Host         : Windows 7 ultimate  (64 bit)


      I have updated  latest java  VERSION 8  & Update 73  from Download Free Java Software

      But i am getting confused  because doc says  Oracle SQL Developer needs  Java 8 JDK.


      Do i really need additional exe from following URL ?


      Java SE Development Kit 8 - Downloads


      Windows x86 182.01 MB jdk-8u77-windows-i586.exe
      Windows x64 187.31 MB jdk-8u77-windows-x64.exe


      My Database version is 32 bit  but OS is 64 bit

      To install SQL Developer which one .exe  do i need ?  (32 bit 0r 64 bit) ?


      Thanks in advance.