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    External Node shows disabled services as enabled


      Dear All,


      Env: EBS R12.1.3 and DB


      Its a multinode architecture, added an external node for IRec using adcfgclone and enabled only web server.


      After adding the Node, in oam dashboard the concurrent & form services are showing as enabled.


      I have tried changing the contextfile file with value as 'NO' and ran autoconfig. still the services are showing as enabled.


      <TIER_DB oa_var="s_isDB">NO</TIER_DB>

               <TIER_ADMIN oa_var="s_isAdmin">NO</TIER_ADMIN>

               <TIER_WEB oa_var="s_isWeb">YES</TIER_WEB>

               <TIER_FORMS oa_var="s_isForms">NO</TIER_FORMS>

               <TIER_NODE oa_var="s_isConc">NO</TIER_NODE>

               <TIER_FORMSDEV oa_var="s_isFormsDev">NO</TIER_FORMSDEV>

               <TIER_NODEDEV oa_var="s_isConcDev">NO</TIER_NODEDEV>

               <TIER_WEBDEV oa_var="s_isWebDev">YES</TIER_WEBDEV>


      crosschecked the concurrent/forms services are not running in the external node.


      Kindly share you inputs, to troubleshoot further.