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    Unable to export datagrid


      When I try to invoke the 'Export' option on a 5-column, 16K record result datagrid, I am getting this error repeated seemingly endlessly in the Logging tab:

      "SEVERE 1007 4485 oracle.dbtools.raptor.backgroundTask.RaptorTaskManager$1 null at (Internal error) No Throwable Stack Element."

      I have not performed any installs, upgrades. I have changed the NLS setting, but it is displaying as expected in all results, so doubt is related. Have you encountered such an error and how were you able to resolve it?


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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          In order to better help us help you, please give some additional details.  For example:

          1. SQL Developer version

          2. JDK version

          3. Data types of the columns in this 16K length row

          4. Number of rows.

          5. Source database


          If you are not already using SQL Developer 4.1.3, download and install it.  There is no problem with having multiple SQL Developer / Java installs.

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            Gary - Thanks for your reply. I am currently at I am not sure what the hitch was, but after rebooting my laptop, I am now again able to export this data without any difficulty or errors. I did notice that even before the export failing, I was also not being able to get a response from a data grid right-click 'Count rows' request. My guess is that whatever it was that was causing the row count to fail was also responsible for the export failure.

                 I will take your suggestion and definitely upgrade to 4.1.3. It may be that it already contains fixes for the behavior I experienced.


            - Dan



            Oracle SQL Developer
            Build MAIN-20.64

            IDE Version:
            Product ID: oracle.sqldeveloper
            Product Version:


            Component Version
            ========= =======
            Oracle IDE
            Java(TM) Platform 1.8.0_45
            Versioning Support


            Name Value
            ==== =====


            Name Identifier Version Status Registration Time Initialization Time Total Time
            ==== ========== ======= ====== ================= =================== ==========