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    OBIEE 12c - Where are data mashup definitions stored?


      After importing an Excel file as a new data source for an analysis, it becomes available in other analyses via the Add/Remove Subject Areas option on the Subject Areas header.  Pretty cool!!


      But where is it stored?  I stored the new source with the name Enrollment Goals, and it is available for selection with Add/Remove Subject Areas, but otherwise I can't find it.

      I have searched the web catalog ... nothing.  Searched for it in the Catalog Manager tool.. nothing.  Did a complete OS search for all file names with the string enrollment in their names ... nada.  I even did a file-by-file search for the string enrollment within every file ... no love.  Nor is it listed with the subject areas from the repository under Manage Privileges. 


      As a point of further information, I have NOT configured the XSA_CACHE section of NQSConfig.ini.  So whatever it is going, it must not be going into the database.


      I did find out that no other users can see this data source.  I created it as an Administrator, but no other user can see it, so it must be stored on a user-by-user basis, at least until I configure XSA_CACHE.


      So anyway... where is this thing stored?