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    How to install NetBeans with Oracle database




      I recently did the following tasks, and got messed up with the installation

      1. Installed Oracle database 10g Enterprise Ediition in my D: drive on Windows 7.

      2. Checked for the database to be running fine with SqlPlus. Yes!! It was working fine.

      3. Installed the Oracle Developer Suite 10g, in the same location (under D: drive), and opened the Forms Builder, JDeveloper, Reports Builder to see whether it properly connects to the database or not. Yes!! It was working fine.

      4. Installed NetBeans 8.1 with JDK 8 bundle in the same location (under D: drive). But since then, my database isn't working, i'm not able to login with SqlPlus, neither can i open the enterprise manager, nor i can connect to the database from any Developer Suite application.


      Lately, i heard that Oracle 10g comes with JDK1.6 and isn't compatible with JDK8. Also, i found that Oracle 11g is compatible with JDK 5/6 and Oracle 12c is with JDK 6/7/8.


      Please!! Can anyone make me understand this whole compatibility issues in a simpler way. Also, please suggest me some way i can setup a development environment, where i can have an Oracle database (10g/11g), Oracle Developer Suite (10g/11g) and NetBeans (as latest version as possible). Any help is highly appreciated