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    FDMEE sign flip not working


      We have recently upgraded to FDMEE I am loading using a file based data load rule to HFM.


      I am having an issue with the Account mapping. It is not flipping the sign even though I have 'Change Sign' selected in the explicit map. Has anyone else seen this behavior before?


      I do not have Apply to rule selected by default but I have tried it using that option as well with no success.

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          What exact version of HFM(including patch level) are you on ?

          Are you stating that if you take a file with one single record for an account which you have sign flip and load to have the sign is not flipping?


          Have you ensured that you are looking the precise intersection(all base level) in Smart View?

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            Even before getting to HFM, I can see in FDMEE that it is not flipping the sign after the validate.


            Yes I have tried just the one line in the file and it still is not flipped.

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              I have also tried recreating all the Account maps for this DLR with no luck.

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                Tested on and HFM and the sign flip works fine.

                Can you delete the DLR , create a new one and try another file with a single record and ensure that the there are no other account maps which could be affecting the results.

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                  I've had sign flips work as expected in


                  When looking at the record in Workbench, click on the amount > View Mappings. Note the Account map. Then go to your mapping and confirm that the particular Account map is sign flipped.

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                    All of my other DLR/location mappings work. But this particular one did not perform the sign flips. Everything was correct, DLR and mappings.


                    I had to delete all dimension mappings and all DLR associated with this location and recreate from scratch. Any idea on how this kind of corruption could happen that would force it to be recreated?

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                      It worked previously, but stopped flipping signs.

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                        Glad you got it resolved. Remember to close the thread so other members from the community may be able to fine the solution timely in the future.

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                          My question now was if anyone knows about what can cause a corruption of the DLR or mapping that would cause them to stop working correctly in

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                            There could be quite a few factors thus folks on the board would be speculating at best (no one on the board was able to replicate the issue you noted), since only you know the details around your environment (e.g. maybe it was how it was upgraded and something just got corrput etc).


                            It might be something you open an Oracle SR and see if they have it as either a known FDMEE undocumented bug or they can start reviewing your environment logs and setup which could be a  long process as not sure you could easily replicate the issue?

                            You could also check maybe it was a DB(your DBA might be able to query if anything) issue in your environment.


                            If you do open an Oracle SR certainly update the thread with the facts from that discovery when it is completed so other community members may know.

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                              I think I may have the solution for you. I had the same problem. The solution in my case was:


                              Go into SQL Server and run

                              SELECT * FROM TDATAMAP

                              WHERE DIMNAME<>'ACCOUNT'

                              AND CHANGESIGN=1


                              If you find any rows then

                              UPDATE TDATAMAP SET CHANGESIGN=0

                              WHERE DIMNAME<>'ACCOUNT'

                              AND CHANGESIGN=1


                              So what had happened in our case is that we had imported 'Explicit' mappings for both the 'ACCOUNT' and 'UD2' dimensions ... but because we used the Excel template to import these mappings we managed to set the CHANGESIGN flag=1 on the UD2 mappings as well as the ACCOUNT mappings. If you were manually setting up the mappings in the FDMEE screen that wouldn't be possible. So we had actually created a double negative situation for ourselves. The FDMEE validation process was flipping the sign and then flipping it back again.