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    Concurrent manager :  System Hold, Fix Manager before resetting counters


      I changed the structure of the parent directory without shutting down the applications

      to see the effect of that (for learning purpose) and to see the error and exception

      messages that is related to it.  "it returned the error "unable to read some datafiles"....



      Then I changed the name of the parent directory to the old name....

      Then I checked the concurrent manager, it was showing this state:



      OAM Metrics Collection Manager  --->  actual: 0 , target: 1   System Hold, Fix Manager before resetting counters

      Standard Manager  --->  actual:0 , target 5    System Hold, Fix Manager before resetting counters



      How to fix that?



      What I have tried so far is ...



      1. Stop all middle tier services including the concurrent managers.

      Please make sure that no FNDLIBR, FNDSM, or any process is running by ps -ef | grep  FNDLIBR



      2. Stop the database.



      3. Start the database.



      4. Go to cd $FND_TOP/bin  (this step failed)

      $ adrelink.sh force=y link_debug=y “fnd FNDLIBR“

      $ adrelink.sh force=y link_debug=y “fnd FNDFS“

      $ adrelink.sh force=y link_debug=y “fnd FNDCRM“

      $ adrelink.sh force=y link_debug=y “fnd FNDSM“



      5. Run the CMCLEAN.SQL script from the referenced note below (don’t forget to commit).



      I didn't run CMCLEAN.SQL but rather ran the concurrent recovery manager wizard instead  because

      CMCLEAN.SQL is not supported...



      But that didn't solve the problem.



      Any idea as to how I should solve this problem