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    R12.1.3 apache server down message


      R12.1.3 running on RHEL on two node system.

      I'm not sure what to search for so I apologize if this is a question that has been asked a million times before.


      I seem to recall that when you put your application in maintenance mode there is a way to provide a 'System down for Maintenance' message via some mechanism.  This isn't really my question but if there is a DOC I can refer to on this please share as I may want to review that also.


      My real question is whether in the event that my application tier is down (and I'll use the term 'Apache server' here) for some reason and I need to restart it or troubleshoot it is there an option to return some message to the user community when this happens.  Say I am told nobody can login and I have to restart the app tier, rather than relying on email communication can I redirect the browser request to some html file with a canned message to say "There is a server problem and it is being worked on" etc.  Not really a web guy (obviously) so just wondering.