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    Fresh graduated guy need help


      I've got oracle OCA as DBA track and I'm planning for my next step which is oracle EBS so i have some questions and i need some clarifications

      Regarding to ERP which module i have to learn first to get my self into ERP i got some proposals like (business intelligent ,SCM , oracle financials) i'm really confused can you tell me in your opinion which one is preferred as first module to learn for fresh graduated guy like me .

      In terms of oracle financial there is many modules (recievables , payables ,GL , fixed asset , cash management ) are these modules requiring finance background and deep accounting understanding  .

      my regards

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          Obaidullah Syed

          Yes Financial Modules required Finance Background and deep accounting understandings. In my opinion, first you have to learn "Essentials for Implementers" and "System Administration" Modules. By these modules you got the actual picture of ERP and then it will be easy for you to decide your next learning path.

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