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    Replacing Oracle CRM On Demand for Oracle Sales Cloud

    Mike de Wildt

      Hi all,


      we are starting with Oracle Sales Cloud as our main CRM (in house). At this moment we use Oracle CRM On Demand which is also integrated in our Eloqua instance. I tried reading into some topics about Eloqua integrations with several Oracle software but none of the topics describes my problem.


      Our Eloqua instance gets all its database information from CRMOD and sends data back to CRMOD as well. We choose to start with a clean install base of Sales Cloud so we do not want to use the old data from CRMOD and therefore also not the information from Eloqua. What we do want, is the data that was gathered through several Eloqua campaigns that we have retrieved over a year now.


      We have our reasons for not using our (old) CRMOD data ;-)


      Hopefully someone could provide me some usefull documentation or maybe a use case they have experienced?


      Cheers, kind regards,


      Mike de Wildt