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    How to run 'PO Output for Communication' for blanket release?


      I have a purchase order for which I have approved releases,

      When I run the PO Output for Communication, by specifying the PO number and the range of Release numbers, the report never picks up the xsl template specified for blanket release. It always picks the one for Purchase Agreement.


      I've tried various hit and trial methods, decompiled java code for POGenerateDocumentCP, and tried running it for test = Yes/No (Both cases), Enabling PO Contracts Profile Option,

      but the report never picks up template for blanket release.


      P.S. - For each and every instance of the report the Java Concurrent Program uses a union query that picks up 2 rows, one for doc_type = 'PO' and the other for doc_type = 'REL' irrespective of the type of PO.


      Anyone knows how to run it for Blanket Release?  Kindly Help.