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    SQL Developer and OpenLDAP issue loading full list of DB Service names


      We recently switched to OpenLDAP from OID and have had no issues with applications, sqlplus, Toad, etc... But, we noticed SQL Developer doesn't load all the DB Service names when making a new connection. It does load the Context fine that it pulls from the ldap.ora file on the client, but many DB Service names are missing. I have validated the defaultsearchbase is set correctly in my slapd.conf file on OpenLDAP, and can use the workaround with choosing connection type advanced and using the thin jdbc connection string, but would really like to figure out why SQL Developer doesn't load all the DB Service names. Perhaps some ldapsearch difference? The DB Service names it does pull back for the drop-down bar connect fine, but so many random ones are missing. Any ideas? Also, have tried the latest version of SQL Developer with no luck.