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    Can one employee access multiple responsibilities with different OUs?


      Hello everyone


      I have an employee who is setup under OU 'A' and can access HR, i-expense and PO under 'A'

      Then this employee is required to move to OU 'B' to access HR, i-expense and PO under 'B'. He does not need to access HR and i-expense under 'A' but for PO he still need it.


      Then superuser created a new employee under 'B' and changed employee to a new employee at username.

      So current situation is he can access HR and i-expense and PO under 'B' (new responsibilities) but he cannot view his old  PO that created under 'A' (he also need to raise PO under 'A')

      If we want this employee to be able to access PO for both of 'A' and 'B', is there any way to do this?

      Could you advise please?


      Thank you.