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    Cannot display records in custom search form




      I am working on a custom form using forms 10g.

      The requirement is to search for customers or suppliers and display them in a tab canvas.


      Below are the steps I have done so far -

      1. Copied the QUERY_FIND from APPSTAND.fmb

      2. Added required fields in the QUERY_FIND data block and canvas.

      3. Created a datablock based on view and canvas there after. This view is returning data in the database.

      4. On the WHEN-BUTTON-PRESSED trigger in for Find button in QUERY_FIND added code, app_find.find(<above datablock name>);


      So far I have not added any code to filter the data from view, so when I press Find button it should display all records from the view. But it giver error 'Query caused no records to be retrieved.'

      Do I still have to give EXECUTE_QUERY, even though I have given app_find.find? If so, where do I have add it? On the when new form instance or somewhere after the Find button is clicked?