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    ADOP query : soft link not preserved


      Hi Friends,


      Does custom top files (.prog)  ,soft links getting copied to PATCH File system post patching.


      As per I know, during ADOP prepare phase Patch file system gets synchronized with RUN, the problem I observed is, I had deployed one program and created soft link in RUN (Not done in PATCH) and post patching couldnt see this soft link in RUN FS (Earlier PATCH).


      Please let me know,

      do we need to create soft links in both file system ?

      If not, why the soft link was missing, Does ADOP preserve soft links during file system changes.




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          I found the answer for this issue.


          The issue is the custom top is not registered with adsplice and hence adop wont be considering this custom top during prepare phase to synchronize the patch FS with run.Hence the deployed code in custom top is not getting synchronized.



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