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    v$xxxxxmetric_history views



      are we allowed to query the v$xxxxxmetric_history views without the diag pack license ?

      Thanks in advance for help,


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          I wouldn't rely on advice from the Forums for licensing questions. Talk to your Oracle Account Manager, or read the docs.




          • All data dictionary views beginning with the prefix DBA_HIST_ are part of this pack, along with their underlying tables.The only exception are the views: DBA_HIST_SNAPSHOT, DBA_HIST_DATABASE_INSTANCE, DBA_HIST_SNAP_ERROR, DBA_HIST_SEG_STAT, DBA_HIST_SEG_STAT_OBJ, and DBA_HIST_UNDOSTAT. They can be used without the Diagnostic Pack license.
          • All data dictionary views with the prefix DBA_ADVISOR_ are part of this pack if queries to these views return rows with the value ADDM in the ADVISOR_NAME column or a value ofADDM* in the TASK_NAME column or the corresponding TASK_ID.
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            Uwe Küchler [OC]

            > Talk to your Oracle Account Manager

            That one made my day.

            Seriously: I tried to solve that question by talking to our contact @ Oracle (and my company is an Oracle Partner), and he couldn't tell. Neither could he find someone who could.


            But the docs already tell which views aren't allowed to query w/o Diagnostics Pack.

            Conversely, this means, v$%metric_history can be queried w/o Diagnostics Pack, as they aren't mentioned in the "black list".


            What's your intent, by the way? If you're going to use those views for reporting, you might like to look at my reports "Wait Class History" and "Wait Class History (RAC)" on GitHub: https://github.com/oraculix/sql-developer-tools/tree/master/reports




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              Account Managers should have access to technical specialists that can answer those questions. But again, I wouldn't rely on a Forum post, even from an Oracle employee, to indemnify you if you use a feature that you're not licensed for. Again, it's pretty clear in the docs which views require which Packs.