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    My application is using Oracle DB 12c In-memory option. What do I need to do to make it use DAX?

    Parnian Taidi-Oracle

      Do I have to use the open DAX APIs to make the Oracle DB 12c in-memory use DAX when running on M7 and T7 systems?

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          For ODB 12c the capability to use DAX on M7 chip is already built into the integration of the HW and SW collectively and it works extremely well --


          Our Oracle Optimized Solutions Team has taken advantage of these new features and has incorporated the usage of this within the Oracle Optimized Solution for Secure Oracle Database


          Additionally, we have shown how to migrate and update clientele ODBs from older versions running on Power AIX, x86 Linux, and SPARC Solaris to ODB 12c gaining all of the advantages that SPARC M7 offers with ODB 12c including the capability to run analytics not only extremely fast but also very securely. 


          There are a set of "Architecture Matters" Articles that demonstrate this today that also include a step by step process of migration but more importantly upgrading to ODB 12c and having them run on M7 Architecture today.  


          We have gotten great feedback and usage of these articles by customers and folks in the field at Oracle - Please review them here:










          Article 3 in this series shows a comparison of running a traditional transaction that takes 109 seconds to run but then having that same transaction run In-Memory in parallel fashion on M7 DAX taking only 2 seconds. EM Express is used to also show the transaction plans and DTrace as well as busstat is used to show the DAX functionally working without making any changes to the original transaction and getting a 54 times improvement for real time mode of operation. What was the transaction attempting to do?  Please read the article and see - it is something we always deal with ourselves on an everyday basis when we make purchase of particular products.

          BTW - we intend on extending these with additional articles on In-Memory with DAX on M7 as well as with additional focus on Security.  Why?  Because Architecture Does Matter with all of this in mind.