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    LAD Add-on Localizations - R12.2: CLL Minipack E.2 installation Instructions

    Luis Brieva



      I am installing LAD Add-on Localizations for R12.2.4 for PERU (peruvian localization as Note  553583.1)



      Then I am following this Doc ID 1299200.1 and this Doc ID 2105440.1



      But in the last one Doc, there is a Prerequisite in the Section 2.2.

      "Core product updates levels required:"



      Patch R12.TXK.C.DELTA.7. Please refer Note 1617461.1 for installation the latest TXK available.

      Patch 17282783

      Patch 22448423:R12.JL.C

      Patch 22246609:R12.JL.C

      Patch 22062478:R12.PER.C

      Patch 22323918:R12.CE.C





      The problem is why this patch 22448423 is required for any LAD Localization if this patch is for  Brazilian, as the patche describes itself:



      "Patch 22448423: ER: BRAZILIAN NF-E TECHNICAL NOTES 2015.002 AND 003"



      I am installing Peruvian Localization. Then I need to install also this patch? or there is a specific patch for Peruvian?