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    Financial Tax Register Report


      Hello Oracle Community,


      I wante to know if I can somehow modify the output of Financial Tax Register Report.


      I know that I can modify the output of the RXi report with the Report eXchange designer responsibility , by selceting the desired columns that I want to be displayed in the report, and I have done that and I have all the columns that I need in the report, and now my output looks like this:


      Transacion Number  Transaction Class  Transaction Date   Customer Name        Taxable Amt            Tax Amt              Total Entered Amt

      10000014251          Invoice                  22-03-15              CUSTOMER_NAME1 0                             0                          0                        
      10000014251  Invoice 22-03-15CUSTOMER_NAME1 0  0    0
      10000014251 Invoice 22-03-15CUSTOMER_NAME1 25  0   25
      10000014251  Invoice 22-03-15CUSTOMER_NAME1 80  0     80
      10000014251  Invoice 22-03-15CUSTOMER_NAME1 84  0   84
      10000014251  Invoice 22-03-15CUSTOMER_NAME1 1395    0 1395
      10000014251Invoice 22-03-15CUSTOMER_NAME1 462.8  0462.8
      10000014251  Invoice 22-03-15CUSTOMER_NAME1 469.03  0469.03
      10000014251  Invoice22-03-15CUSTOMER_NAME14311.3  04311.3




      10000013221          Invoice                  22-03-15              CUSTOMER_NAME20                           0                       0                            
      10000013221Invoice22-03-15  CUSTOMER_NAME2000
      10000013221Invoice22-03-15  CUSTOMER_NAME224.4024.4
      10000013221Invoice22-03-15  CUSTOMER_NAME27870787
      10000013221Invoice22-03-15  CUSTOMER_NAME2192.60192.6
      10000013221Invoice22-03-15  CUSTOMER_NAME2200.160200.16
      10000013221Invoice22-03-15  CUSTOMER_NAME21252.3301252.33


      End of report

      And it goes on like this for other invoices, but now as you can see the transaction number in the first table is the same for all invoices, since this is only ONE invoice but each row is representing a single service. Is there any way that i can modify this report, by showing each invoice with only ONE row containing the SUM of all services?
      So the report should look like this:


      Transacion Number  Transaction Class  Transaction Date         Customer Name            Taxable Amt        Tax Amt   Total Entered Amt

      10000014251              Invoice                      22-03-15              CUSTOMER_NAME1         6827.13                  0                       6827.13



      10000013221             Invoice                      22-03-15              CUSTOMER_NAME2          2456.49                  0                       2456.49

      End or report



      Also, can someone explain how does the Financial Tax Register Report retrieve the information or different types of invoices, since I am also having a problem with the output.
      The report should contain different invoices , strating with the number 1 (like the Invoices in the example) , number 2 and so on, but when I generate the report the invoices with the number 8 are missing, any idea why or how to fix this?