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    Inter-org lot for Receiving organzation is getting created with source organization information


      Hi Everyone.


      I have the following issue.


      I'm trying to do a inter-org transfer between 2 organization and lot is only available in the source organization and not available in the receiving organization


      For receiving, we are using the open interface, where we are populating the RCV_HEADERS_INTERFACE , RCV_TRANSACTIONS_INTERFACE and mtl_transaction_lots_interface for creating receipt and new lot in the receiving organization.


      So, here everything is working fine, the new lot get created and the receipt is created, But the issue we face is when we enter supplier_lot_number or lot attributes in the interface for the lot..

      the values which are giving are completely ignored and the new lot is created in the receiving organization with same information as it is in the source organization.


      Any idea what is the issue?


      Appreciate if someone can help