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    SQL Developer Git Checkout not refreshing on screen?


      Hello, I am using SQL Developer and evaluating the built-in Git functionality.  I am tinkering with the ability to checkout various branches.


      I notice that if I create a branch and check the "Checkout Created Branch", the new branch appears in the Versions list as expected, and marked with the green badge icon to indicate it's the active branch.


      But, if I try switching branches (right-click on branch, click Checkout, click OK to dialog), the branch switches (I see it in the Log), but the green badge indicating my active branch does not unless I click on a node such as "Local" and then click Refresh.  (I have to click off the branch, because the Refresh button is disabled).


      Is there an easier way to tell what branch is currently checked out?  Is this a bug that can be fixed, so that the active branch refreshes on the screen when I check it out?