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    Can not process payment?


      Hi ALL,






      All users complaining that they can't able to process customer payments.

      Error below appeared most of receipt applications.


      What could be the reason?

      Is there any effects if the users are using multiple session, same access, and same form?


      Please help...


      Kind regards,


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          I found this blog > FRM-40501: Could not reserve record [2 tries]; Oracle Apps Record-Locking - Blue Gecko


          But it does not say how to kill the blocker or offender


          Does this mean stop/start or bounce the instance can help?




          Kind regards,

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            Pravin Takpire

            APXINWKB APP-10771 Could Not Reserve Records Due to Database Record Lock (Doc ID 140969.1)

            Check this.

            Start/Stop bounce of the instance will help but it is not optimal solution.



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              Use this query to find out the locked objects and generate the kill command for the ones causing the error:


              select b.sid, b.serial#, b.status, lockwait, b.username, a.object_name, b.osuser, b.machine, b.program, module, action, logon_time, 'alter system kill session ''' || b.sid || ',' || b.serial# || ''';' kill_command

              from dba_objects a, v$session b, v$locked_object c

              where a.object_id = c.object_id

                and b.sid = c.session_id

                and username = 'APPS'

                and a.object_type = 'TABLE'

                and a.owner = 'AR'

              order by sid,serial#;




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                Wulfhart Thiel

                All Sessions who wait for another session delivers a quick overview the Data Dictionary View DBA_WAITERS. In the system few entries which should not be to be seen then also after few seconds any more should be to be seen in this View only very much. Speak: A session waits only briefly for a resource which is blocked by another session.




                SELECT holding_session, mode_held, waiting_session

                  FROM dba_waiters

                ORDER BY holding_session;


                If this list grows or some entries continuously continue, the blocking session with utllockt.sql should be examined (Script is to be found under oracle home/admin). The Script generates a tree-like Structur what is to be seen which session by which is blocked from. one dissolve of the block scenario is thereby quickly possible.

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                  Thanks ALL


                  Issue resolved when personalization was disabled and running of Create Accounting was set to "once a day"  instead of setting it to run every 5 minutes.