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    Setting up AD in 11g; time out error message




      I am trying to integrate AD with OBIEE 11g.  I have followed the Rittman Mead blog.  http://www.rittmanmead.com/2012/03/obiee-11g-security-week-connecting-to-active-directory-and-obtaining-group-membership-from-database-tables/


      I am able to sign into the dashboard with my normal BI user ID and password.  But, when I try to sign into the dashboard with my AD user ID and password, I see this message int he nqserver.log:


      [nQSError: 46169] An HTTP operation to ipaddress:9704 timed out after 120 seconds. Operation aborted.. [[



      **********  Task: 1. Running for (mls): 120047 **********

      Description: Authenticate

      RPID: Star; user: myuserid; AppType: 0; Offline: false


      Any ideas for me?  Is there other information I can supply to help with suggestions on where to start trouble shooting? 


      Thank you in advance for any help you can give.  It is truly appreciated.