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    Oracle eBsuiness DB Softwares



      We have a scenario as below.


      We have installed a new ORACLE_HOME in the target DB server and the Database is running fine.


      Now we have to copy the Oracle eBusiness folders like appsutil,jdk,etc.

      Can you brief here, what are all the software's(Directories) we have to copy from source to target.

      And once the software copied, if we update the xml file according to the new oracle_home path and running autoconfig will configure all the steup for Oracle eBusiness software in the new server or do I have to run any more extra step to make sure the software installed properly.



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          Pravin Takpire

          Are you changing your DB server ? Best option would have been cloning DB tier. You could have used existing Oracle Home, copied the same to new server, ran adcfgclone dbTechstack to just configure Home and then copied dbfs and recovered database.

          Then you could have pointed EBS to this new server. This way it would have copied all required files.


          11i: How to change the hostname of an Applications Tier using AutoConfig (Doc ID 341322.1)


          check this




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            Thanks for the prompt response Pravin.


            We have built the ORACLE_HOME newly in the new server. Now we have to copy the Oracle eBusiness softwares to the new server to set up Oracle eBusiness in the new DB server. Cloning the database again wont cause any issue to the existing Oracle_Home.


            IP Address of the new server is different but we bond the old IP address with the new IP address, still do I have to change the IP address in xml file and run autoconfig?