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    Append data in .dat file in FDMEE


      Hi All,


      We are trying to put some records from TDATASEG table in .dat file as generated by FDMEE in AfterExporttoDat event. In order to do the same we open the existing.dat file in "Append" mode and copy the records from TDATASEG table based on specific filter condition in .dat file. We notice a weird behavior while doing this and it is that the appended data gets converted into Chinese characters or junk characters however when I try to copy the data in "Write" mode instead of "Append" then it works fine.


      Kindly lets us know in case someone has already faced this issue and how to correct the same.




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          The .dat file output by FDMEE is not meant to be edited. Doing this via event script sidesteps the "Quality" part of Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition.


          I would use the open interface adapter (or universal data adapter if you are on to load records from TDATASEG.

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            Francisco Amores

            Regardless any decision you take, the reason you see those characters is because the .DAT file generated for HFM is not UTF-8.

            In order to append, you need to use codecs module to open the .dat file and then append.


            You should start by opening the original dat file with notepad++ and see its encoding :-)