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    How to prevent users and Concurrent programs from making changes to the application during an Online Patching cycle


      We are on 12.2.4, AD/TXK 6


      I have a peculiar requirement - During on online patching cycle (right from PREPARE phase till CLEANUP is complete) we do not want the users to access the system. Similarly, we would also like to stop concurrent programs from running during this period.


      As I understand, during PREPARE phase, it submits the ADZDPATCH Concurrent Program (Online Patching In Progress). and for this I would need at least one manager to be running. I believe it can be taken care of by creating a dedicated manager for this program and then deactivating/terminating all other managers before running prepare.


      However, I do not have a complete understanding of what other components are used by Online patching apart from the admin server. In the simplest case, if I could shutdown the OPMN/OHS for the duration of the ADOP cycle, then I can effectively stop users from accessing application as well.


      Any thoughts from the experts here is appreciated.


      PS: I know many will ask why on Earth would one want to do this, as being online is the biggest advantage of Online Patching, let's just say that we have had a fair share of unfortunate incidents and the organization is in a position where it can afford to take downtime during a patching weekend.


      Regards, Jithin