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    Do I need to install Application Express when I install ORDS with Glassfish?



      According to Oracle document,  1.7.4 Configuring Oracle Application Express Images


      My question is do I need to Install Oracle Application Express on this server or it just needs the images files to create the i.war file?


      Before you begin, you must create a web archive (WAR) file to reference the Oracle Application Express image files. Use the static command to create a web archive file named i.war:

      java -jar ords.war static <apex directory>\images

      Where: <apex directory> is the directory location of Oracle Application Express.

      The created images WAR does not contain the static resources; instead, it references the location where the static resources are stored. Therefore the static resources must be available at the specified path on the server where the WAR is deployed.

      Tip: Use java -jar ords.war help static to see the full range of options for the static command. Use the i.war file to deploy to GlassFish in the following steps




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