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    Replicated partition - How do I have to write my serverinformation?


      Hello together,


      today I have a challenge for you with a replicated partition.


      I want to create a replicated partition via maxl.


      For this I have a *.cmd (and *.msh-files) with whom I want to create a replicated partition, refresh the partition and delete afterwards.


      So I can replicate small data packages and not the whole cube.


      So I built up my maxl script for creating. For this I have searched the technical reference and a lot of good blogs!!! (Thanks for that.)


      create replicated partition 'CURRENCY'.'CURRENCY'

      area '@RELATIVE("Scenario",0), @RELATIVE("Years",0),  @RELATIVE("Periods",0), "Average_Rate", "Closing_Rate"' sourcearea1

      to 'test1'.'test' at 'http://servername:80/aps/Essbase?clusterName=EssbaseCluster-1' as 'testuser' identified by 'test123'

      area '@RELATIVE("Scenario",0), @RELATIVE("Years",0), @RELATIVE("Periods",0), "Average_Rate", "Closing_Rate", "E_None","Def" ' targetarea1

      mapped globally ('') to ('"E_None"')

      mapped globally ('') to ('"Def"')

      update allow ;

      But I got the following error message:

      ERROR - 1242021 - (1) Syntax error near ['create'].


      So I tried to take the Maxl-script editor but it is the same.


      Do you have any idea how I have to write my server information? Or do I have had a fundamental problem?


      Thank you for your help in advance.