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    Getting Error in PO approval Workflow When Applying PO through Email


      HI Guys,


      I have customized the PO approval workflow as per my Requirement & My Requirement was to Attach Files to the PO approval Notification in the Mail.The Files are getting Attached but when i'am Approving the PO through mail i'am getting error.


      I have Created a  Custom Package and this custom package i'am calling in package  PO_POAPPROVAL_INIT1.Get_PO_Attributes.


      Error i'am getting as follows..


      An Error occurred in the following Workflow.

      Item Type = POAPPRV
      Item Key = 160705-92780
      User Key =8929

      Error Name = WF_ERROR
      Error Message = [WF_ERROR] ERROR_MESSAGE=3835: Error '-20002 - ORA-20002: [WFMLR_DOCUMENT_ERROR]' encountered during execution of Generate function 'WF_XML.Generate' for event 'oracle.apps.wf.notification.send'. ERROR_STACK=
      xx_attach_package.xx_notif_attach_procedure(523500, text/html)
      Wf_Notification.GetAttrblob(605959, FILE_NO_1, text/html)
      WF_XML.GetAttachment(605959, text/html)
      WF_XML.GetAttachments(605959, http://vmapp01.adnip.com:8030/, 11876)
      WF_XML.GenerateDoc(oracle.apps.wf.notification.send, 605959)
      WF_XML.Generate(oracle.apps.wf.notification.send, 605959)
      WF_XML.Generate(oracle.apps.wf.notification.send, 605959)
      Wf_Event.setMessage(oracle.apps.wf.notification.send, 605959, WF_XML.Generate)
      Error Stack =

      Activity Id = 324920
      Result Code = #MAIL
      Notification Id = 605959
      Assigned User = MOBA

      I don't know where i'm going wrong.

      Any Help will be Highly Appreciated.