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    adadmin window hang


      Hi ALL,


      EBS R12.2.4





      I run "adadmin" to compile all invalid forms, but my putty window has timedout resulting to aborted adadmin run.


      I then restart the adadmin run but I got the following message:


      Creating FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES table...

      Running adtasktim.sql ..



      PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

      Commit complete.

      The table FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES created by AD Administration already exists.

      If you are sure you do not want to keep the information from the failed

      AD Administration session,you may drop FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES table and

      continue with AD Administration.

      If you choose not to drop FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES table, AD Administration

      cannot continue successfully.


      Drop FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES table [No] ? No


      You should check the file



      for errors.



      Is it okay to drop FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES table, So I can continue adadmin?

      Kind regards,


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          Please take a backup of FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES table and rerun the adadmin.

          It will again prompt to drop that table, give yes.

          Drop FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES table [No] ? Yes




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            Thanks Ram,


            Why do I need to back up the table?

            If I encounter error does it help to restore it back?



            Kind regards,

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              In adadmin it might not be important to back it up.

              But for patching you should not drop it unless you want to start applying a patch and ignore a previous failed one.

              In this case, you should take a backup of the table (among other things).




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                FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES and AD_DEFERRE_JOBS will be created when you use ADADMIN or ADPATCH.


                It looks like the previous session of either ADADMIN or ADPATCH did not complete successfully so the tables still exists otherwise they will be dropped autmatically.


                So just backup once to be safe that you may need them. If it's NON-PROD, I don't think its really that important but anyway taking backup of these 2 tables will not take much time

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