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    R12 performance issue

    V. A. Nagpure

      Hi All,


      Our R12 apps and database ( are running on separate RHEL 5 servers. There are 24 CPUs of 2.40GHz on each server. RAM is 16 GB and swap is 32 GB. From couple of days we are experiencing intermittent hangs and sometimes users were unable to log in. We noticed more than 500 Workflow background processes (POAPPRV) running at the same time, though we had scheduled only one POAPPRV to run every 20 minutes. Load average of 65 was seen on the apps server at the same time. Any ideas?





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          How many processes are configured for the standard manager?


          Try to do the following:

          • Put all WF background requests on hold.
          • Cancel the running WF requests.
          • Shutdown the concurrent managers.
          • Use the recovery wizard to fix any issues with concurrent manager/requests.
          • Start the concurrent managers.
          • Run the WF background process manually and verify that it completes normally in a reasonable time.
          • Remove the hold from the requests that you need to run periodically and cancel the others.




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            V. A. Nagpure

            100 process are configured for standard managers. Thanks for the reply! Will act on the same.