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      Hi ALL,


      EBS R12.2.4





      Our developer complained why her custom program/folder suddenly disappeared when I applied a patch.

      I explained to her that patching will call autoconfig which resets all CUSTOM apps not registered via ADSPLICE.


      She mentioned that she did not encounter this issue of resetting from her previous company.

      She said that when they apply patch they always use hotpatch on fs1 and then run fs_clone to fs2.

      They never interchanged fs1 and fs2, but they only have fs1 as always the run edition.

      This is why her custom apps were not deleted?


      It this procedure acceptable? or possible?


      Your comments is highly appreciated.


      Kind regards,

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          It is recommended to create custom application using adspilce in r12.2.

          To create custom application in r12.2 you need to follow below document.


          Creating a Custom Application in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 (Doc ID 1577707.1)


          Hotpatch mode is only supported for certain patches, such as NLS and Online Help, or when it is specifically documented in the patch readme.

          12.2 - How To Use Online Patching Related To "Hotpatch" Mode, And Is It Possible and/or Supported To Apply Or Abort A Patch Applied To The Run Filesystem Via "Hotpatch" (Instead Of Using ADOP) (Doc ID 2054074.1)




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