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    Emailing an attachment with PO


      When attaching a supporting document to a PO, the attachment needs to be emailed to the Supplier, Buyer, and Requester of the PO with the PO PDF.  How can I go about solving this?


      Thank you,


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          Hi Jill


          There are basically 2 setups for this...the rest depends on your PO template and whether or not it is customized

          1)Set values for these 2 fields

          Purchasing Super User>Setup>Organizations>Purchasing Options (set for each Operating Unit)

          Maximum Attachment Size (in MB)

          Email Attachment Filename

          Once these are set, any attachments with category  'To Supplier' of type File will automatically be zipped and attached to the SUPPLIER email when you Approve the PO (assuming the Email functionality is checked when you approve the PO and an email address entered)


          2) are you using the Standard Oracle PO template or a customized one? You don't say for which document type so assuming Standard

          PSU>Setup>Purchasing>Document Types>

          What is the Document Type Layout for Purchase Order Standard (or whichever document you are working with)

          If it's anything besides Standard Purchase Order Stylesheet, you have a customized layout and will have to update it with the necessary xml tags so that the attachments show on it (if they aren't already there)

          if it IS the canned layout - any attachments added to the PO with a 'To Supplier ' category of type Short Text or Long Text will automatically show on the PO PDF version, along with the names of any Files uploaded with the 'To Supplier' category on the PO.

          - you can easily test how the standard PO PDF would look without making any system changes by running the PO Output for Communication for a test PO with To Supplier attachments, with the layout set to the Standard and Regenerate Document set to Yes


          3)There is a profile that you can set at the user level, 'PO: Secondary Email address'.  We have our Buyers set this to what they want and then when they create the PO and it emails to the supplier it sends to that address from the Profile as well.  Our workflow is customized so the PO approved email doesn't always send to everyone, so I don't know if the attachments would naturally occur without having to do this, to the Buyer.  You would have to test that...this was just the the easiest workaround for us using standard functionality and satisfying the different business needs for all our departments.


          4)There isn't anything that sends emails to the Requester from the PO side.  I see that asked for a lot on the forum, but it would have to be a customization to the workflow on your end.




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            Thanks for the reply Janel - we are using a Customized PO template.  We have updated it so that the attachments with Short or Long Text show on the PO PDF version.  my question is more so on the File type attachment (i.e. a microsoft doc).