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    Unable to cancle a PO that has status in process




      I am not able to cancle a PO that has status "In Process" in responsibility Oracle Purchasing Super User.  I am using Oracle EBS 12.2.4


      When I am trying to cancle it by checking "Cancelled" I receive: FRM-40200 Field is protected against update. I would like to cancle it since the PO is from 2014


      What are my options here?





      Cancle PO.PNG

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          Hi Dennis,


          The PO Summary Screen is read-only - the Cancel checkbox will only be checked if that record has been canceled...you cannot do any updates via that form. 


          You have to go to Tools>Control and then select an action.  I don't see it in your screenshot but if the approval status is indeed 'In Process', you still will not be able to use the Controls screen to cancel the PO.  This is intended functionality...You can't act upon a PO while it is awaiting approval.


          There are several options you can try at this point

          - You can look at the action history to see who it is waiting on for approval(PO Summary>Inquire>View Action History)

          If that person is still in the company, have them either approve or reject the PO from their Notifications Worklist.  Then you can cancel the PO

          -- we had this happen where the person was no longer an active employee..our Sysadmin reactivated their user account and I was able to login as them and Reject all the outstanding notifications and then cancel them.


          - You can try using the Forward Documents functionality to send the PO on to someone else for approval/rejection but again that only works if the current approver is still active - otherwise the documents do not appear in the Forward Documents results.


          - I believe there are some reset scripts available via Oracle...I've never tried them as we've always been able to use one of the prior mentioned methods, but here are the notes if you want to take a look...

          Troubleshooting for Requisitions / Purchase Orders in Process or Pre-Approved Status (Doc ID 225017.1)

          How To Reset a Purchase Order or Requisition From In Process or Pre-Approved To Incomplete/Requires Reapproval For Isolated Cases (Doc ID 390023.1)

          - There is a Withdraw option possibly available if you have the proper patching...I don't know if it's applicable on POs that were created prior to having that functionality, but here is the note to research

          (R12.2+) Withdraw Purchase Orders functionality in Buyer Work Center Pages (Doc ID 1910980.1)