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    Failing to model simple many-to-many relationships.

    Mike V



      I have really simple data to analyse - list of employee activities, for which i have created Type and Time dimensions, and this is working fine. However, i have issues when trying to add Employes dimensions, which has many-to-many relationships with activities. There is underlying intersection table, which i've tried to bring into LTS as described in the docs.


      1) Created D Employee dimension based on physical table S_CONTACT

      2) Added S_ACT_EMP table (which is intersection table) to LTS for D Employee

      3) Created logical join between D Employee and fact table


      Now, when i try to create analysis with Employee dimension i get the following error


      None of the fact tables are compatible with the query request D Employee.Full Name. (HY000)


      What i'm doing wrong ? Obiee version is