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    Display Cumulative Total as Grand Total in Pivot Table


      Hello Peers - Is there a way we can display Cumulative Total instead of Grand Total in a Pivot Table? I understand having another column to display Running Total. But, I don't want to add additional column as per my requirement.


      Just so you guys know, I referred to this earlier similar community discussion but couldn't exactly understand what Ehab Emara-Oracle suggested. He said: "Dear Customer , one workaround , is to use Sum to get grand total , and then use RSum".


      Link: https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/CommunityDisplay?resultUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fcommunity.oracle.com%2Fthread%2F3495281&_afrLoop=405750564230994&resultTitle=Cumulative+Total+of+grand+totals&commId=3495281&displayIndex=1&_afrWindowMode=0&_adf.ctrl-state=kmf6uslse_4


      Can someone please elaborate on the workaround sequence or share a new solution. Appreciate any inputs. Thanks in advance.