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    Shell script to check ftp connection is established and folder permissions are in place


      Hi All,


      in Oracle R12:

      I'm using the below shell script saved in a file XXEXTRACTTMT, which imports the files from remote server SFTPTDA120FTP into our Oracle application.server.


      i am running this file thru concurrent program in Oracle and I see the files are getting loaded in to Oracle.



      !ftp -i -n SFTPTDA120FTP

      user amaran K!ka@123



      cd Forms

      cd Reprots

      lcd /d90/oracle/PROD/apps/apps_st/appl/EXTRACT/files

      mget timesheet*




      now the requirement is :

      I want to test the below

      > check whether the remote connection is established ?

      ex: when we running the conc program, if the program is failed to connect the remote server( say password is changed)

      then I should get some log messages in my conc request log.


      > check whether the user has required permissions to retrieve the files in folder: Forms/Reports/



      Can some one help me to modify the code and add the conditions based on the requirement provided ?

      -Kartheek B