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      • 15. Re: How to estimate uncompress row count or percentage of these table ?
        Mark D Powell

        Thrupass, based on Jonathan's and Hemant's posting it would appear that tables loaded via direct load and later updated are should not use basic compression.  The following note which warns against compressing tables subject to regular update probably needs to take note of the direct load issue:

        Advanced Table Compression (Doc ID 1060693.1)

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        It would seem to me that you could calculate what the uncompressed expected table size should be then compare the current, compressed, allocation against the calculation.  When the compressed table passes some percentage of the expected uncompressed size then more investigation would be warranted and perhaps a table reorganization for space management purpose might be beneficial.  If you do rebuild any tables you should keep a record because if the reorganization needs to be redone within N time period then the table probably should not be compressed.  I leave N to what your shop considers reasonable: 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc,,,,

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        HTH -- Mark D Powell --

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